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Social Procurement

Social Enterprise Institute's Social Procurement Certificate

Designed for the buyers of social value products and services, this certificate enables procurement staff of municipal, provincial and federal government, universities and hospitals, and private companies to make the changes in their existing purchasing practises to better reflect their unique social values.

Social Enterprise Institute's Social Procurement Course

This course covers the basics of social procurement; that is, selling your goods and services to larger purchasers; government, corporations, and in large supply chains. The course covers the basics you should think about to expand your understanding of how procurement spending contributes to social and economic development, and how that related to the procurement opportunities available to your social enterprise.

This course includes:

  • Social Procurement as a Critical Strategy
  • The Scope of Social Procurement
  • Adding Value through Social Procurement Practices
  • Measuring Financial and Non Financial Outcomes
  • Social Procurement Metrics

Social Enterprise Institute's Social Enterprise 101

This course will leave you with an enhanced knowledge of social enterprise, it's purpose, how it differs from other entities, and examples and success stories. You will also have a good idea of how social enterprise could work for you and your organization.

This course includes:

  • Defining Social Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise is Unique
  • Sector Impact
  • Social Enterprise 101 F.A.Q.

Social Enterprise