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When you choose to Buy Social,
everyone profits.


Buy Social Canada works with social enterprises to increase their business opportunities and grow their social impact. 

We support the enhancement and growth of your organization through webinars, workshops and consultation. Buy Social Canada is your platform to connect you to the community and promote your organization's impact locally and nation wide. 

Our mission:  

  • Facilitate purchaser and supplier relationships and learning opportunities
  • Provide advice, templates and resources to promote social purchasing policy and practice  
  • Offer a certification program and support for social enterprise suppliers
  • Offer a certification program and support for businesses, government and non-profits seeking to leverage a social value through their purchasing

When you Buy Social, everyone profits. 


Social Purchasing is simply adding a social value to your existing purchasing. You can generate business and community value without added costs. Social purchasing adds a social value consideration to your current evaluation of price, quality, and environment of the goods and services you purchase.


Watch this video with Buy Social Canada's Managing Partner, David LePage, for a straightforward introduction to Social Purchasing and Procurement:

Join us to learn how you can incorporate social purchasing into your business model!