Community Benefit Agreement Information Seminar

Buy Social Canada is hosting a Community Benefit Agreement Information Seminar in partnership with Exchange Inner City and the City of Vancouver on March 21st.

Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) are an increasingly common tool used by Municipal, Provincial, and the Federal government to ensure that development projects enhance social, cultural, and economic opportunities for equity seeking groups, the social enterprise sector, and the local small business community. However, despite their rising popularity questions still remain regarding the nature of agreements, how they are executed and the best way to evaluate and measure the outcomes. 

The CBA Information Seminar has been designed to address these questions and is targeted to all stakeholders who may participate in a CBA agreement, including:

  • The Development Community
  • City Planning and Policy Staff members
  • The Not-For-Profit community
  • Industry Associations
  • Business Improvement Associations

At the event, stakeholders will learn more about:

  • What a CBA is and how it differs from other policies like community amenity contributions and development cost levies
  • Showcase CBA examples from Vancouver and other jurisdictions
  • Understanding social procurement and social hiring initiatives
  • Learn about the social enterprise sector and existing social procurement opportunities 
  • Envision what a CBA might look like for the Northeast False Creek Flats, the new St. Paul's Hospital development and other upcoming large projects
  • Ask questions and provide input regarding their role in a CBA

This informative event is an opportunity for stakeholders to engage in a mutual process of learning and development and will hopefully create a better understanding about how the City, Developers, and Community can work together to create a Vancouver where all residents can prosper and live full and rewarding lives. 

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