HxBIA Joins Buy Social Canada - Signals New Opportunity for Social Value Purchasing

As the social enterprise sector grows across Canada, Buy Social Canada has emerged as a new organization to help identify and recognize social value and measure social impact with their certification program.

The Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HxBIA) is the first BIA in Canada to become a certified purchaser. They join a growing list of certified purchasers and suppliers across Canada.

The HxBIA helps manage change in the Downtown Eastside to shape a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable local economy. They are committed to raising awareness about social enterprises, and endeavor to support social enterprises with internal procurement policies. These commitments amplify social capital in the Downtown Eastside and across Canada.

‘We are really proud and excited to be the first BIA to become certified. The certification further legitimizes our commitment to social enterprises. Buy Social Canada will also play a huge role in connecting us and our members with best practices across Canada’ said Landon Hoyt, Executive Director of the HxBIA.

The Buy Social program encourages social value purchasing across various sectors, and provides an external social enterprise certification program. Buy Social was launched by Social Enterprise UK in 2013. The Canadian affiliated program was initiated in 2014, and launched across Canada in 2015.

‘It is really important to have a BIA take leadership on becoming certified purchaser. This signals to the community that social enterprise and businesses can – and should –  work together to create social value’ said Katelyn McDougall, Buy Social Canada staff person.

Businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations can help maximize social value by integrating social goals with their purchasing objectives. Social procurement policies and purchasing guidelines can help secure financial support for the social enterprise sector in Canada.