Making the shift to social purchasing

It has never been a better time to use social purchasing to increase the 'value' of existing purchases in Canada.

Purchasing from social enterprise suppliers simplifies achieving a social impact outcome from your purchasing. Social enterprises are businesses with a social, environmental or cultural purpose, and they re-invest at least one-half of their profits back into their social purpose.

Whether achieving targeted employment, youth training, immigrant transitional options, Aboriginal, women or other minority business development, cultural enhancement, poverty elimination or social inclusion - existing purchasing can leverage social impact along with delivering a competitive price and quality goods and services. Including a social impact consideration when evaluating bids for goods, services and construction expenditures allows purchasers to use current spending to create significant added value.

The major barrier to furthering social purchasing remains making the shift from merely measuring supplier value to purposely creating community value!

That’s where Buy Social Canada comes in: we simplify the shift to social purchasing by bringing together and building a network of social enterprises suppliers. Our straightforward certification program provides valuable resources and tools for social purchasers and suppliers alike, increasing business opportunities and the potential to create sustainable social impact in their communities.

Reach out today to learn about how your business or organization can become a part of the Buy Social Canada network!