Using Social Procurement to Redistribute the Benefits of Vancouver's Real Estate Boom

It's well known that Vancouver's real estate boom has brought with it affordability issues for many residents. But how can the economic gains of property development be redistributed to benefit all Vancouverites?

This is where social procurement practices have the potential to make tangible impact on communities, specifically through Community Benefit Agreements (CBA). Through our Social Procurement Roundtable discussions in Vancouver, Buy Social Canada along with the support of the Community Economic Development Strategic Action Committee (CEDSAC) have been helping support the development of CBAs to address the affordability crisis in the city. This article from Junxion, Catching a Runaway Train—Harnessing the Value of Vancouver’s Real Estate Development Boom, clearly lays out how CBAs can create more equally shared benefits from property development. Read to learn more, and always feel free to reach out to our team to discuss how social procurement can work for you.