How a social enterprise is supporting Canadian artists through social procurement

One of the most important aspects of the Buy Social Canada mission is to support social enterprises’ capacity to create positive impacts that meet the unique needs of Canadian communities. Our certified supplier, Nations Creations, is the perfect example of how local social enterprises are uniquely positioned to address Canadian-specific needs. The Nations Creations project supports First Nations artists by providing work experience and training to enhance participants’ skills in manufacturing, retail, shipping and receiving, while increasing revenue that First Nations artists receive for their work through a royalty-based system.

Darren Stollings, the Programs Manager for Nation’s Creations, said that the project was inspired by the recognition of a need for Aboriginal Artists to receive fair compensation and recognition for their artwork, as well as provide employment opportunities for locally manufactured products.

The training program is government funded and runs for 20 weeks, taking place on Stó:lō Nation grounds in the city of Chilliwack, BC. The program itself offers a diverse cross section of both cultural and employability skills along with certifications and hands-on training on technical manufacturing equipment, and supports EI eligible participants through manufacturing and warehousing certifications. Darren explained that their overall goal at Nations Creations is to create a sustainable social enterprise that can expand its manufacturing facility to provide more jobs and ongoing opportunities for artists.

“Everyone at Nations Creations takes pride in being a part of changing the landscape of how Aboriginal Artists are being treated in both the integrity of their art and how they are compensated for using it,” says Darren on what makes him proud of the enterprise.

“There are so many things that bring pride to our everyday way of doing business, seeing artists so happy that all they really need to do is create art, creating beautiful products that people love and seeing progress in the overall business we are all working hard to build.”

We are excited to have such a passionate and thoughtful social enterprise as one of our certified suppliers. Learn more about Nations Creations through their website: