The early adopters in the Social Procurement Paradigm Shift!

The dominant paradigm is how we define the current standard practices, and the routine pattern of behaviour. A paradigm shift is a move to a new dominant paradigm. The change goes through several phases: first exploration, then experimentation and then the early adaptors. The identifiable presence of the early adaptors signals that the groundwork is laid, the stage is set for the surge of others to participate in a new model.

Applying Social Procurement Principles to Infrastructure Investments Will Achieve the Greatest Possible Value for Canadian Communities

We commend the government’s very significant $120 Billion commitment to infrastructure investment over the next ten years; particularly the attention to the critical needs of Aboriginal communities and seriously needed social infrastructure. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the consultation process on how the government investment in infrastructure can serve Canadian communities most effectively.

A Tour of the “trending trajectory” of Social Purchasing!

Social purchasing intentionally multiplies the social and economic ripples of existing purchasing from merely supplier benefits to community benefits.

This tour through social purchasing initiatives is an evolving ‘map’ as we go along the journey. We couldn’t cover every possible point of interest, so we tried to provide a good overview. Please send us any additions to the itinerary!

Wood Buffalo Becomes Alberta's First Buy Social Certified Municipality

Buy Social Canada recognizes Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) as Alberta’s first certified municipality

RMWB will use social purchasing to support Fort McMurray rebuild and to grow the region’s community economy

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), which includes Fort McMurray, is transforming its method of purchasing goods and services to proactively seek social and economic benefits for the region.