Join the social impact network and become a Buy Social Canada Purchaser. Buy Social Canada’s third party certification program recognizes your organization as a verified social purchaser, and enhances your marketing potential as a business that actively prioritizes social procurement and contributes to the social and environmental wellbeing of your community.

  • If you’re a non-profit, then you are already in the business of creating social value. You can maximize your purchasing by buying from social enterprise suppliers and create an even greater social value.
  • As a government institution you can learn how to integrate your purchasing objectives to meet your social and environmental goals, without having to adjust the budget. 
  • Businesses can examine their entire operations and supply chain, identifying opportunities to maximize social value through existing purchasing decisions.

If you identify with any of the entities above, we want to recognize you as a Buy Social Canada purchaser!

Benefits of Buy Social Certification:

  • Changing attitudes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    • Align your corporate social responsibility objectives with your core business.
  • Awareness is Growing

    • The word is spreading that many social enterprises deliver business-to-business products and services with competitive quality and pricing.

  • Develop the Sustainability and Diversity Agenda

    • By buying from social enterprise your business contributes to the sustainable agenda and helps push it forward.
  • Business Responsibility

    • Your business has a responsibility to the community you work and operate in. Buying from social enterprise is a simple way to give back.

Criteria for Certification

Your organization will endeavor to buy goods and services from social enterprises, businesses that reinvest their profits for good, benefiting people and planet

  • Your organization will have a fair, accessible, and open procurement process and services
  • Your are raising awareness of social enterprises across your organization
  • Your organization has trained relevant staff about buying from social enterprise
  • Your organization will work with Buy Social Canada to find social enterprise suppliers where possible
  • Your organization is committed to developing metrics to measure the impact of buying social.

Join Buy Social today! Applying for certification is easy–fill out our form (link) for suppliers online in minutes, or feel free to talk to one of our team members for more details.

*If you feel that your business or organization doesn’t fit these specific guidelines, please contact us (link) and we would be happy to discuss ways in which you can be a Buy Social partner.


Your first year of certification is free!

The annual pricing for certification is based upon your business revenues.

Purchaser Participation Fee:

  • Under $5 million in revenue: $500/year
  • $5-20 million in revenue: $1000/year
  • $20 million in revenue or more: $2500/year