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Please fill out the form below to start the supplier certification process with Buy Social Canada. If you are unclear about whether your business model meets our requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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Democratic governance is central to the operations of social enterprises
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Verification Process
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Is the enterprise incorporated in a manner to support, promote, and ensure stakeholder value over shareholder value? *
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In the event of the organization's dissolution, are its remaining properties given to another entity working in a similar field? *
SECC Membership
You can purchase an Social Enterprise Council of Canada (SECC) Membership for a discounted rate of $50 off when you become a Buy Social Canada Member.Are you interested in learning more / purchasing an SECC Membership?
Akcelos Social Enterprise Directory and Online Sales Service *
Akcelos ( is a national, searchable social enterprise directory and e-commerce platform for social purchasing developed by our partners, Commerce Solidaire. Registration on this platform is included in the annual Buy Social Canada participation fee.
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