Become a certified Buy Social Canada social enterprise and join a growing network of businesses driving the social procurement movement! Buy Social Canada’s third-party certification program recognizes your organization as a verified social enterprise, and enhances your marketing potential as a business that actively prioritizes community benefits and social impact over private profit and shareholder returns.


Benefits of Buy Social Certification:

  • Certification provides a meaningful differentiator that helps your business stand out in diverse marketplaces
  • Connect with a growing network of mission-driven businesses that drive social procurement practices and contribute to healthy community building
  • Purchasers can easily identify your social enterprise designation, expanding your network potential
  • Provides marketing opportunities through Buy Social’s web-based marketplace and products
  • Raises your business’ profile on national and international markets
  • Access to valuable resources and support from the Buy Social team, including workshops, webinars, networking events, educational literature, and more


Our certified social enterprises include non-profits with or without charitable status, community service co-operatives, hybrid corporations with caps on dividends and asset distribution, and for-profits owned by non-profits. For a list of already certified social enterprises, please see our directory

Ready to become a part of the Buy Social movement? Check out our certification guidelines for social enterprise suppliers below.

Guidelines for Certification:  

  • At least 50% of your business’ revenue comes from selling goods/services in the marketplace
  • You have an embedded social, environmental or cultural mission as a part of your organization
  • 50% or more of your profits go back into executing your mission’s purpose
  • Your business operates with transparency and responsibility
  • Documentation that demonstrates your business’ social impact history (e.g. incorporation documents, financial reports, etc.)
  • Ability to pay Buy Social’s annual certification fee (to cover resources, consulting, and support) based on your business’ revenue


Join Buy Social today! Applying for certification is easy – fill out our form for suppliers online in minutes, or feel free to talk to one of our team members for more details.

*If you feel that your business or organization doesn’t fit these specific guidelines, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss ways in which you can be a Buy Social partner. 


The annual pricing for certification is based upon your business revenues.

Supplier Participation Fee:

  • Under $1million: $250/year
  • $1-5 million: $500/year
  • $5-20 million: $1000/year
  • $20 million+: $2500/year