What is Social Procurement?

Social procurement is simply adding a social value to your existing purchasing. You can generate business and community value without added costs. Social procurement adds a social value consideration to your current evaluation of price, quality, and environment of the goods and services you purchase.

Watch this video with Buy Social Canada's Managing Partner, David LePage, for a straightforward introduction to Social Purchasing and Procurement:

Why Buy Social?

Social procurement decisions lead to healthier communities, because as social enterprise suppliers sales grow, they are able to achieve increased social value goals; such as hiring more persons with barriers, creating training and employment development opportunities, advancing diverse culture, enhancing social inclusion, or contributing to local economies.

When you buy from a social enterprise a ripple effect occurs in your community:

How Do I Buy Social?

It’s never been easier to Buy Social – social enterprises are all around us, including catering, maintenance, furniture, home repairs, cleaners, musicians, and more, all adding value to your needed goods and services.

Our growing list of Buy Social Certified suppliers easily connects purchasers with businesses committed to producing social good. Visit our Social Enterprise Directory and learn how you can become a certified purchaser or supplier to begin profiting from social purchasing.