What is social enterprise?

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses that sells goods or services, embed a social, cultural or environmental purpose into the business, and reinvest the majority of profits or surplus into their purpose.

Social enterprises sell everything: chocolate and honey, corporate catering, junk removal, construction services, healthcare, family services, employment assistance, arts and culture, and much more. They compete with traditional for-profit businesses, but use their earnings to invest in vibrant, healthy communities.

The future of business is social enterprise: the business model whose foundation is built on justice, equity and inclusion for employees, owners, customers, the environment, and community stakeholders.

Goods & Services

At least 50% of the business’ revenue comes from the sales of goods or services.

Purpose Driven

An entity that has an embedded purpose to achieve social, cultural or environmental goals through the sale of goods and services.

Reinvest Profits

51% or more of the business’ profits go back into their social, cultural or environmental purpose.

Social enterprises sell with impact to create community capital.

Are you a social enterprise?

Verify your social impact with Buy Social Canada Social Enterprise Certification to show stakeholders, clients, and your team that you put your money where your mouth is and contribute to community wellbeing.