Thriving Generations Employment Agency (CCC) joins Buy Social Canada!

Thriving Generations Employment Agency (CCC) Inc. is a social enterprise that launched their Bridge2Work (B2W) job placement model to empower single mothers transitioning back into the workforce.

A pilot of their innovative model was launched in June of 2016, combining skills training and wellness workshops to support single mothers in the Lower Mainland to gain professional work experience and earn a living wage. We spoke with Darlene Gering, the Co-founder of TGEA, about how Bridge2Work is creating social impact in Vancouver, BC.

Gering explained that the B2W model supports single mothers with the transition back to work in their career field, while providing employers with quality client services.

Two successful Bridge2Work candidates. The model helps pave the way to economic empowerment for single mothers re-entering the workforce.

Two successful Bridge2Work candidates. The model helps pave the way to economic empowerment for single mothers re-entering the workforce.

The B2W model includes temporary staff solutions, part-time job positions and internships, supports single mothers find childcare placement and counselling, and holds  professional workshops throughout onboarding that include yoga and mindfulness exercises. Gering says that the most important thing B2W provides is economic empowerment to single mothers and their families.

“Without this piece, it’s not as impactful for these mothers,” she says. “It’s a huge boost for their self-esteem.”

Gering was inspired to launch B2W to help alleviate income inequality among BC families. The poverty rate of children living in single-parent families was 50.3% in BC for 2016, with the vast majority of those families represented by single-mothers.

Gering says she understands the struggles they face, having been a single mother herself, and that trying to manage parenting and work without a support network presents an incredibly stressful challenge. The wellness piece of B2W is included in the transition process for this reason.

“These tools can help with a holistic approach of mind, body, and support that can help lead single mothers to full time employment,” Gering says.

When asked about a success story, Gering had many to share. One woman she spoke of was a mother who had suffered from domestic violence and had been involved in a car accident, causing her to be out of work for two years. This mother had a background in accounting, so B2W tailored its approach to help her transition back into her career track.

Now, she has completed three months of working in an accounting department and has been offered a permanent position there. This woman told Gering that B2W had made an enormous difference in her life.

Gering says that B2W helps these single mothers  build up their self-esteem through the ability to support themselves and their children, and the feeling that comes with people valuing your work and  paying for it.

“We’re helping them build self-empowerment,” says Gering. “They’re the ones showing that they can do it – we know that they can do it but we’re just providing the bridge.”

Buy Social Canada is pleased to welcome Thriving Generations Employment Agency (CCC) Inc. to the Buy Social network and is excited to see their social enterprise continue to make a positive impact in Vancouver communities.

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Making the shift to social purchasing

Making the shift to social purchasing

It has never been a better time to use social purchasing to increase the 'value' of existing purchases in Canada.

Purchasing from social enterprise suppliers simplifies achieving a social impact outcome from your purchasing. Social enterprises are businesses with a social, environmental or cultural purpose, and they re-invest at least one-half of their profits back into their social purpose.

Exploring Social Procurement Report

This report examines an innovative market-based opportunity to create social impact through existing purchasing.

The recent Federal Budget recognized that government alone couldn’t solve the complex social issues facing our communities. We would add, that alone no single sector, not the private sector and not the non-profit sector, could solve our current complex social issues. Together though, blending business values and social impact objectives through social procurement offers some hope.

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HxBIA Joins Buy Social Canada - Signals New Opportunity for Social Value Purchasing

As the social enterprise sector grows across Canada, Buy Social Canada has emerged as a new organization to help identify and recognize social value and measure social impact with their certification program.

The Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HxBIA) is the first BIA in Canada to become a certified purchaser. They join a growing list of certified purchasers and suppliers across Canada.

The early adopters in the Social Procurement Paradigm Shift!

The dominant paradigm is how we define the current standard practices, and the routine pattern of behaviour. A paradigm shift is a move to a new dominant paradigm. The change goes through several phases: first exploration, then experimentation and then the early adaptors. The identifiable presence of the early adaptors signals that the groundwork is laid, the stage is set for the surge of others to participate in a new model.

Applying Social Procurement Principles to Infrastructure Investments Will Achieve the Greatest Possible Value for Canadian Communities

We commend the government’s very significant $120 Billion commitment to infrastructure investment over the next ten years; particularly the attention to the critical needs of Aboriginal communities and seriously needed social infrastructure. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the consultation process on how the government investment in infrastructure can serve Canadian communities most effectively.

A Tour of the “trending trajectory” of Social Purchasing!

Social purchasing intentionally multiplies the social and economic ripples of existing purchasing from merely supplier benefits to community benefits.

This tour through social purchasing initiatives is an evolving ‘map’ as we go along the journey. We couldn’t cover every possible point of interest, so we tried to provide a good overview. Please send us any additions to the itinerary!

Wood Buffalo Becomes Alberta's First Buy Social Certified Municipality

Buy Social Canada recognizes Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) as Alberta’s first certified municipality

RMWB will use social purchasing to support Fort McMurray rebuild and to grow the region’s community economy

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), which includes Fort McMurray, is transforming its method of purchasing goods and services to proactively seek social and economic benefits for the region.