Using Social Procurement to Redistribute the Benefits of Vancouver's Real Estate Boom

Using Social Procurement to Redistribute the Benefits of Vancouver's Real Estate Boom

It's well known that Vancouver's real estate boom has has brought with it affordability issues for many residents. But how can the economic gains of property development be redistributed to benefit all Vancouverites? This is where social procurement practices have the potential to make tangible impact on communities, specifically through Community Benefit Agreements (CBA).

Making the shift to social purchasing

Making the shift to social purchasing

It has never been a better time to use social purchasing to increase the 'value' of existing purchases in Canada.

Purchasing from social enterprise suppliers simplifies achieving a social impact outcome from your purchasing. Social enterprises are businesses with a social, environmental or cultural purpose, and they re-invest at least one-half of their profits back into their social purpose.

Exploring Social Procurement Report

This report examines an innovative market-based opportunity to create social impact through existing purchasing.

The recent Federal Budget recognized that government alone couldn’t solve the complex social issues facing our communities. We would add, that alone no single sector, not the private sector and not the non-profit sector, could solve our current complex social issues. Together though, blending business values and social impact objectives through social procurement offers some hope.

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HxBIA Joins Buy Social Canada - Signals New Opportunity for Social Value Purchasing

As the social enterprise sector grows across Canada, Buy Social Canada has emerged as a new organization to help identify and recognize social value and measure social impact with their certification program.

The Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HxBIA) is the first BIA in Canada to become a certified purchaser. They join a growing list of certified purchasers and suppliers across Canada.

The early adopters in the Social Procurement Paradigm Shift!

The dominant paradigm is how we define the current standard practices, and the routine pattern of behaviour. A paradigm shift is a move to a new dominant paradigm. The change goes through several phases: first exploration, then experimentation and then the early adaptors. The identifiable presence of the early adaptors signals that the groundwork is laid, the stage is set for the surge of others to participate in a new model.