Purchasing with Impact: An update from City of Calgary

Aug 2nd, 2022

The City of Calgary continues on their Benefit Driven Procurement (BDP, also referred to as social procurement) journey, after they began implementation in 2019.

In a recent report to their Advisory Task Force they shared some data that is showing great results:

  • Approximately 160 RFx’s* included the BDP questionnaire from September 2021 to May 2022, with an average weighting of 5%. 
  • Approximately 78% of awarded RFx’s from September 2021 to May 2022 included the BDP questionnaire as part of the evaluation criteria, going beyond the target of 75%.
  • Approximately 109 RFx’s have been awarded from September 2021 to May 2022, and 53% received the highest score on the Benefit Driven Procurement questionnaire, awarding a budgeted amount of $358,363,288.

Buy Social Canada was proud to support the creation and early implementation of the Benefit Driven Procurement Strategy for the City, and we are thrilled to see such positive impacts, showing the power of purchasing to create positive social change and opportunity.

Is your organization looking to take the next steps to implement social procurement? Explore consulting services, or become a Social Purchasing Partner and get support to achieve your social value goals.

*In procurement, the acronym RFX means request for X, where X is a variable that stands in for different types of vendor questionnaires. For example, RFX could stand for request for proposal (RFP), request for quotation (RFQ), request for information (RFI) and so on.

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