Social Value Marketplace

We envision a social value marketplace where value and wealth mean more than dollars and cents

Intentionally creating community capital

Social Value Marketplace

Rather than settle for mere economic capital, we now focus on a Social Value Marketplace, intentionally creating community capital. We are looking beyond isolated social finance, social enterprise, and market innovations. We are working toward an integrated Social Value Marketplace ecosystem to generate healthier community outcomes.

We don’t need more social enterprises just to count the number of start-ups. We want more social enterprises because they are the means to create more jobs for people with barriers.

We don’t need more purchasing. We want existing purchasing to include a social value and to change the purpose of purchasing.

We don’t need impact finance investment that counts dollars on its scorecard. We want investment whose scorecard counts social value.

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and investments are everywhere. The problem is that they are maintaining or increasing the problems of the current marketplace. We have tax credits for technology, regardless of its social value.

It is time to end the economics that separates financial activity from the other forms of capital — human, social, physical, and cultural.

– David LePage, Marketplace Revolution

Marketplace Revolution

It is time to go beyond the trading dogma and business practices of extraction economics that result in social exclusion and income inequality. It is time for a Social Value Marketplace Revolution that generates the community capital needed to build healthy communities.

Read David LePage’s acclaimed book, Marketplace Revolution – from Concentrated Wealth to Community Capital, to explore the powerful intersection of social enterprise, social procurement and social value finance.

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Social Value Marketplace Podcast

The global pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of building healthy communities. The existing system can be seen to benefit the few at the expense of the many. But what does the path forward look like? Join us for conversations with people actively shaping the social value marketplace.

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