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A Guide to Social Procurement

This guidebook is an introduction to the why, what, and how of social procurement in Canada. It was developed by Buy Social Canada for several audiences: organizations taking the necessary […]


Social Value Menu for Goods & Services

This Social Value Menu will help you design, evaluate and implement the inclusion of a social value into your procurement process. If you are purchasing goods and services for businesses, […]


Voices of Industry: A Paradigm Shift in CBAs

Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) have seen a variety of construction industry responses, including an initial sector pushback to perceived issues of added costs and implementation inefficiencies. At the same time, […]


Trade Agreements Local Briefing Note

A frequently asked question by organizations beholden to the trade agreements for certain procurements is “Can you include questions about, or requirements for, local employment or procurement where the trade […]


Training: Social Procurement Professional Certificate

In-depth professional development  in-depth knowledge of the fundamental components of social procurement sThis certificate program has been developed to provide both private and public sector participants with in-depth knowledge of […]


City of Calgary Social Procurement Case Study

This case study details the process Buy Social Canada took in collaboration with the City of Calgary to add social value considerations to their Sustainable, Environmental & Ethical Procurement Policy […]


Guide sur l’approvisionnement social

Ce guide présente brièvement la raison d’être de l’approvissionnement social au Canada, son objet et sa mise en œuvre. Il s’adresse à plusieurs auditoires : les organismes qui prennent les mesures […]


Trade Agreements Primer

This primer provides a brief review of the key trade agreements that influence government procurement discretion, and how they affect social purchasing.

Implementation, Introduction

Construction and Infrastructure Guide to Social Procurement

In the Guide to Social Procurement in Construction and Infrastructure Projects we outline a path to increase the success of construction-based social procurement. The same process and guidelines in this […]


Social Enterprise Spotlight: Building Up (Video)

Video story about a certified social enterprise Building Up. They provide high quality work to customers, while providing long-term career pathways for motivated community members.


Social Value Menu – Community Employment Benefit Templates for Implementation

The Social Value Menu (CEB) will help you design, evaluate and implement a social value into your procurement process for goods and services or major infrastructure and developments for projects […]


Social Value Menu – Community Benefit Agreements Templates for Implementation

The Social Value Menu (CBA) will help you design, evaluate and implement a social value into your procurement process for goods and services or major infrastructure and developments.


Training: Social Procurement Introduction

This training is an introduction to social procurement covering the why, what and how including the evolution of social procurement, key concepts and best practice examples.


Training: Social Procurement Implementation

This training introduces the key steps to take social procurement from a concept to an implemented practice. Topics covered include policy and goal alignment, opportunity identification processes, drafting social value […]


Training: Social Procurement in Construction

Participants learn about the concepts of community benefit agreements (CBA) and an overview of the steps to integrate into the design, build and operations phases of development projects.


Community Benefit Agreement (Video)

Learn about a CBA (Community Benefit Agreement)


Marketplace Revolution by David LePage

It’s time to transcend the dogma and practices of extraction economics that result in social exclusion and income inequality. It’s time for social enterprise, social procurement, and social value finance […]


The History of Social Enterprise (Video)

Learn the dynamic history of how social enterprise came to be.


Social Enterprise Spotlight: Hives For Humanity (Video)

Hives for Humanity is a certified social enterprise in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. They create flexible opportunities that support at-risk populations of people and pollinators. Some of these activities […]


Social Enterprise Spotlight: Infiniguard (Video)

Infiniguard is a security company that operates as a social enterprise based in Regent Park. They provide Free training and high-wage employment to at-risk youth, women and new immigrants. InfiniGuard […]


Social Enterprise Spotlight: SmartICE (Video)

Video story about a certified social enterprise SmartICE. SmartICE is committed to positive change and social innovation in the northern communities they serve.


Social Enterprise Spotlight: Mother Earth Reycling (Video)

Video story about a certified social enterprise Mother Earth Recycling. MER is an Indigenous owned & operated social enterprise in Winnipeg. They provide meaningful training and employment opportunities with a […]


Social Enterprise Spotlight: Redemptive Developments (Video)

Video story about a certified social enterprise Redemptive Developments based in Alberta. They offer a diverse and growing social enterprise portfolio, which is constantly evolving.


Social Enterprise Spotlight: The Binners’ Project (Video)

Video story about a certified social enterprise The Binners’ Project. They offer a services that aim with; social inclusion, waste-diversion and economic development.


Social Procurement creates best value for COVID-19 recovery (Video)

COVID-19 has affected the marketplace in a big way, but how can social procurement be a solution to build back better?


Buy Social Canada Social Procurement Policy

This Policy confirms Buy Social Canada’s commitment to building community capital through our procurement of goods and services.


Downtown Eastside Social Enterprise Impact Report

Our survey of 40 social enterprises in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside documented $26.5m in sales with $18.4m in wages. These enterprises have created over 2800 jobs, with 55% of full-time and […]


Exploring Social Procurement

Exploring Social Procurement examines an innovative market-based opportunity to create social impact through existing purchasing.


Buy Social Canada Summit Report

This report is based on information shared at the Buy Social Canada Summit in 2017. The four main themes of the Summit were: Government Social Procurement, Infrastructure and Community Benefit […]


Embers Staffing Solutions Story

This Buy Social Canada social procurement case study highlights how a community benefit agreement (CBA) can be leveraged to create employment opportunities and social impact on infrastructure projects.


Manitoba Housing Story

This Buy Social Canada social procurement case study highlights how government crown corporation can leverage its buying dollars to create employment opportunities for community members with barriers.


Montreal Story: L’économie sociale, j’achète

This Buy Social Canada social procurement case study demonstrates the importance of focusing both on supply and demand, while using an intermediary to build relationships between the two.


Histoire de logement Manitoba

Une histoire qui détaille la relation entre le gouvernment et une entreprise et comment cette relation crée des travails.


The Ottawa Housing Story

This Buy Social Canada social procurement case study highlights how a pilot project using discretionary funding allowed a social enterprise to scale and thrive.


Histoire de logement Ottawa

Une histoire de la relation entre la Province et une entreprise sociale. Un rapport sur le rendement social des investissement (RSI) conclut que pour chaque dollar investi, une valeur sociale […]


Eva’s Print Shop Story

This Buy Social Canada social procurement case study highlights how partnerships between corporations and social enterprises, such as this print shop, can provide employment opportunities for homeless and at-risk youth.


Social Purchasing Tool Overview

This presentation provides an overview of Ethelo, the social purchasingdecision-making tool that supports social purchasing policy design,criteria selection, and vendor bid review.