Celebrate Social Procurement Champion Awards at the 2022 Buy Social Canada Symposium

Oct 11th, 2022

There is no final destination on a social procurement journey. We will always seek to improve outcomes, increase impact and tell great stories. With the Social Procurement Champion Awards at the Buy Social Canada Symposium, we shine a light on organizations who have made impressive strides on their journey, organizations who have pushed the realm of possibility and have worked hard to expand to broad new horizons. Join us virtually on October 18, 2022 to celebrate leaders in social procurement from across the ecosystem and across Canada.

This year, we’re happy to award three Social Procurement Champions.

Award to The Unnamed Public Servants

The people working behind the scenes in the public service can be maligned and ignored, but champions have been able to push social procurement further than political leaders ever have. Since 2016, social procurement appeared in the PSPC mandate letters. We’ve worked with impressive folks who have tirelessly championed social procurement even as they move from role to role and ministry to ministry. In a position that doesn’t allow glory, award and celebrity, we want to say that we see you, we thank you and the broad new horizons we are exploring and celebrating today wouldn’t be possible without you.

Award to York University

York University has progressed impressively along their social procurement journey. From identification of social value suppliers, contracting and subcontracting in construction projects like the Markham Campus, sharing stories and data from impact, all the way to inspiring and supporting other institutions to take their lead. York University’s team are true champions of social procurement. 

Award to CleanStart Property Services

CleanStart Property Services, a Certified Social Enterprise based in Vancouver, BC, is the recipient of a Social Procurement Champion Award sponsored by Buy Social Canada Purchasing Partner Novex Delivery Solutions. CleanStart is an employment social enterprise leading the way on doing work at the intersection of social and environmental value outcomes. They provide a range of services including junk removal, pest control, cleaning and moving, while employing persons with barriers to employment. To help shape a greener future, CleanStart diverts waste from landfills, tracks their vehicles to maximize fuel efficiency, and works with partners to increase recycling and reusing.

We look forward to celebrating these champions for their work, and hope you’ll join us. Get your tickets here.

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