Symposium 2022 Program Broad New Horizons

Sep 20th, 2022

Join the Buy Social Canada Symposium: Broad New Horizons on October 18, 2022 to connect with leading social purchasers and suppliers, learn from industry experts, and celebrate trailblazers at the Social Procurement Champion Awards. This is an interactive virtual event, so not only will you be inspired by the speakers, but you will have the opportunity to share and learn from each other.

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Symposium Program:

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

9:00-9:20am PST / 12:00-12:20pm EST

Collaborate and Co-create for Community Success

9:20-10:10am PST / 12:20-1:10pm EST

A dialogue with the three key elements of a supportive social procurement ecosystem: the purchaser on the demand side; the supplier on the supply side; and the facilitator, intermediary and community advocate. We will explore how through policy co-creation and collaboration we can create a social value marketplace rich in human, social, cultural, physical and economic capital.


Grow Equity and Inclusion with Social Value Suppliers

10:10-10:50am PST / 1:10-1:50pm EST

Many different business types can create positive impacts: social enterprises, Black, Indigenous and diverse-owned businesses, co-operatives, and more. Social value suppliers generate positive impacts in the community through the work they do. Join us for a discussion on how many social value suppliers are helping to grow equity and inclusion across Canada, and how purchasers can amplify the positive impact they generate.


Move from Policy to Action with Implementation Best Practices

11:05am-12:00pm PST / 2:05-3pm EST

Social procurement implementation is a journey, with policy playing a key role. However, to move from “words on a page” through to “action” requires a series of activities that support the change management process necessary to successfully implement social procurement. As we see organizations moving from policy to action, what can this journey look like and what are some of the best practices that support implementation across governments, institutions, and the private sector?


Lunch Break

12:00-12:30pm PST / 3:00-3:30pm EST

Cultivate a Strong Reporting Practice

12:30-1:10pm PST / 3:30-4:10pm EST

Reporting is a critical tool for social purchasers to see what you’re achieving and to share outcomes and stories. As the movement grows, this is the next frontier to create a fulsome social procurement program. A panel of purchasers will share what they’ve learned from their reporting and what processes can be put in place to track the results of social procurement policies and programs.


Social Procurement Champion Awards

1:10-1:55pm PST / 4:10-4:55pm EST

There is no final destination on a social procurement journey. We will always seek to improve outcomes, increase impact and tell great stories. With the Social Procurement Champion Awards, we shine a light on organizations who have made impressive strides on their journey, organizations who have pushed the realm of possibility and have worked hard to expand to broad new horizons. Join us to celebrate leaders in social procurement from across the ecosystem and across Canada.

Award Presenters:

Closing remarks

1:55-2:00pm PST / 4:55-5:00pm EST

Thank you to the Symposium sponsors Buy Social Leaders SAP and Chandos Construction, and special Social Procurement Champion Award sponsor Novex Delivery Solutions.

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