Marketplace Revolution Release!

Jun 25th, 2020



David LePage’s new book offers a vision for our future economies.

“As we approach a Social Value Marketplace, we will unleash the transformative socio-economic power of the market, not merely conduct economic transactions. We are taking back control from that imaginary and presumed benevolent activity of the invisible hand of capitalism.” – David LePage, Marketplace Revolution – from Concentrated Wealth to Community Capital

With discussions of race, reconciliation, and revolution on the forefront, there has been no better time to demand the restructuring of the economic practices that have led to the income equality and social exclusion of the current market. It is time to go beyond the trading dogma and business practices of extraction economics that merely add to existing concentrated wealth. It is time for dramatic and imaginative responses to bring the capital back to the communities. It is time for a marketplace revolution. Written by expert David LePage, who brings with him 45 years of experience in community economic development, this book has the answer. This focused and concise book offers specific steps toward a marketplace that values social impact, not just financial gain.

Marketplace Revolution outlines the 3 pillars for creating a Social Value Marketplace

• Social Enterprise

• Social Procurement

• Social Value Finance

Through the integration of these practices, Marketplace Revolution leads the journey from concentrated wealth to community capital.

“Uncertain times challenge us to reflect on systems and processes and think creatively about the world we want to live in. Social equity, environment, and economy were once thought of as independent areas, yet are now widely recognized as interdependent parts that influence how our communities evolve.”

Chelsey MacNeil
Director of Education, Employment, and Social Enterprise, Choices for Youth

Now, more than ever we are seeing the importance of shaping thriving and resilient local economies. Marketplace Revolution – from Concentrated Wealth to Community Capital.

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